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Cost of Braces

Dr. Garrett does not want finances get in the way of you or your family getting a beautiful smile.

What is complementary? Your initial visit with us is always complimentary, and it is worth quite a lot.  We take photos, and any necessary x-rays, spend about an hour with you, and we provide a comprehensive examination.  Then we outline our findings, our treatment plan, answer any questions, and tell you how long treatment will last before you have your amazing smile.

Cost of Braces: One of the most important questions for many of our patients is “How much do braces cost?”  We know that it can be frustrating to not be able to get a straight answer, so we try to give you one here.  The most important thing to understand is that you are not buying a set of braces.  When looking for an orthodontist it is much more important to consider the skill and talent of the orthodontist.  The doctor straightens your teeth… the braces are literally just handles on the tooth so he or she can apply forces to the roots so that they move the way the doctor plans.  Have you ever noticed how every person in the world has a different face?  (except for identical twins, of course).  Just like faces, every patient has a different set of teeth.  One reason orthodontists love their jobs is that there is so much variety and challenge!   Since faces vary widely from patient to patient, so do orthodontic problems, so we always suggest you come in for a consultation (it’s free!).  Often you may have several options to choose from as we custom tailor a plan to fit your needs.  If you just want a ballpark figure for adults who need comprehensive treatment (full braces or Invisalign) and do not have misaligned jaws, the fees are typically less than six thousand dollars.  Our fees are very competitive with other local orthodontists, and we use the highest quality materials and labs for everything we do.  For children and adolescents the fees are typically less, as the orthodontist can take advantage of the growing face and jaws to better position them for teeth to align with the lips and build a beautiful smile.  The following is a link to an outside source with more information: Oral-B


Insurance:   We accept ALL orthodontic coverage if it is a part of your plan. If you have orthodontic coverage, we accept your insurance.  We will file the insurance for you and we will accept “assignment of benefits”, so you do not have to worry about it.

Financing:  We offer no interest financing and low down payments.

What is included in the fee? Everything! It is important to understand when you are comparing fees that not every office arranges things the way we do.  Our fees include all visits, all x-rays, any consultations with physicians and other dentist, your retainers, and follow-up care for one year following treatment.  Be sure to compare apples to apples.

Cost of Invisalign: Although our cost is much higher for invisalign than braces, we believe we are so good at treating patients with Invisalign, you won’t need to spend much time in our office, because what we do works so well, we will just check your progress and give you new trays (unless you just like chatting with our super-friendly people).  For that reason the cost of invisalign treatment is often within a few hundred dollars of our fees for orthodontic treatment with braces.

Cost of Braces FAQ

Do you offer payment plans? Yes! We offer no interest payment plans with low down payments. We are very confident that we can make orthodontic treatment affordable for you and your family. We want to be the most affordable orthodontist in Charleston by offering very flexible no interest financing. If you would prefer to pay in full, we do offer a courtesy discount.

Does Garrett Orthodontics participate in my insurance plan? Yes. We accept assignment of benefits for ALL insurance plans with orthodontic coverage and are PPO participants in many major plans. If you have questions about your specific benefit, we are able to explain your benefits as part of you free consultation. If you provide us you plan information over the phone, we will have all the information ready prior to your consultation so you receive the most accurate information.

WIll you file my insurance for me? Yes, if you have ANY TYPE of dental insurance with orthoodntic coverage, we will file it for you as a courtesy. For a more in-depth discussion of orthodontic insurance, follow the link here.

Is Invisalign a lot more expensive than braces? No. Depending on the type of orthodontic problem you have and the treatment plan, Invisalign can be within $300 of the cost of braces. In some cases it may even be the same price as braces. In the case where your orthodontic insurance qualifies you for PPO benefits, they do not apply to Invisalign but you would still receive your full orthodontic insurance contribution. We realize this can be confusing and we are happy to discuss your individual situation at a free consultation.