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 Damon System: the newest, most advanced braces available

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Dr. Garrett uses Damon Braces: the newest, most advanced system of orthodontics available.

The Damon System is a new technique in orthodontic treatment that uses light forces and tie-less braces.  Traditional braces use elastic modules that tightly hold the wire to the bracket, resulting in friction.  This friction means that stiffer, higher force wires need to be used to move teeth, which can lead to additional discomfort.  Additionally, at the beginning of treatment the higher friction causes teeth to move more slowly.

What does this mean for you?

  • Very crooked teeth align faster, giving you a straighter smile in less time
  • Less frequent appointments
  • Less days off from work and school
  • You can choose to have colors, or not
  • Gentle forces with the least pressure on your teeth

If you’d like to know more about the “hardware”, keep reading:

The wires are activated by your body heat and were originally developed as part of the NASA space program. Conventional brackets had to be tightly tied to the wire and the ties wore out in a couple weeks and needed replacing. That means you have to make extra trips to the orthodontist just to be “retied” without changing wires. We know you are busy and we can save you a trip by using the latest systems.

New technology allows the wire to slide through the bracket. The type of braces that Dr. Garrett uses means that he is able to get phenomenal results while putting even less pressure on your teeth. Even better, they are made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

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