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adult orthodontics

Adult orthodontics is the fastest growing part of our practice.

The percentage of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in our practice is greater than 25% and that number is rising. Because we are Charleston’s leading Invisalign practice, we tend to see a larger number of adult patients.  We even treat patients who are in their late seventies, so chances are you will feel comfortable in our office.

Adults have many reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment. Many wish to have a more attractive smile, or a more comfortable bite. The benefits of adult orthodontics include greater self-image, higher self-confidence, and the satisfaction of having made an investment and improvement in you.
Adult orthodontics patients have many options for achieving a spectacular smile, including Invisalign, Damon Clear Braces, and metal Damon System braces. With our expertise in Invisalign, we are often able to achieve a fantastic result for you when other orthodontists may have told you you weren’t a candidate.
Some adults prefer to have braces even if they are able to choose Invisalign simply because they prefer something they are not able to remove and don’t have to remember to wear. For those patients we offer the Damon System in either clear ceramic or stainless steel. Because the Damon System does not require elastic ties that can discolor to hold the wire in the braces, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and red wine and not have to worry about having to return to the orthodontist’s office to have their now yellow o-ties replaced every two weeks.

If you have questions about being treated as an adult patient, you can email the office at, use our contact form on the website, or call us at (843) 642-8100.

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