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Garrett Smiles of Mt Pleasant and North Charleston Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Dr. Garrett is a second-generation orthodontist who was inspired to follow in his Dad’s footsteps when he realized the way that self-confidence improves every aspect of one’s life.  When a child or an adult is self-conscious about their smile, it keeps them from smiling at strangers, meeting new people, and even laughing with friends.  An insecurity can contribute to social anxiety, but a winning smile created by orthodnotics can open so many doors.

With younger patients, we understand that this self-confidence takes time to develop, and so each visit to the orthodontist is about more than just straightening the teeth, it is about motivating the patient to improve, take responsibility for their role in treatment, and encouraging them to develop confidence and reach their own goals in school, in sports, and in life.

For adults, we understand you have specific goals and desires for your own orthodontic treatment.  Many adults come to the orthodontist because they just want to improve their bite and have their teeth fit together comfortably.  Others have always wanted a great smile, but only recently decided it was a priority.  Some have a couple teeth that are crooked after having braces as a teenager, but want Invisalign because it fits their current lifestyle.  Others seek Dr. Garrett’s expertise as an orthodontist because they understand that when an orthodontist designs your smile in harmony with your lips, it can make you look years younger.

Dr. Garrett wants to bring three things to orthodontic practice: exceptional results, unquestionable integrity, and a comfortable, fun atmosphere.  Every patient should know that at Garrett Orthodontics, they will receive the absolute best that orthodontics has to offer.

Dr. Garrett originally purchased the practice from Lee Hershon. In the Spring of 2018, Dr. Nick Savastano purchased the practice from Dr. Garrett. Dr. Garret’s patients are now in the care of Dr. Savastano and Charleston Orthodontic Specialists.